What is it?

Zero Waste Day is a global initiative promoted and created by Grupo PROMESA, celebrated on April 16th. This year marks the 6th edition where thousands of people worldwide participate.


We aim to motivate people to live a day without generating waste to raise awareness about our daily generation of garbage and its impact on the environment. With #DCB2024, we seek to increase positive impacts on our surroundings.


How can I participate?

#DCB2024 is on April 16th, but weeks before that, we will start communicating things you can do from home to prepare for generating less waste and knowing how to use it to create something more.


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According to the Basic Diagnosis for Integrated Waste Management (2020), organic waste accounts for 46.42% of the total generated.

That’s why it’s extremely important to have composting at home. Subscribe to receive the information and start taking care of our organic waste.


Taking these waste materials for recycling is of vital importance for our planet. During that week, you will learn more about this topic and how you can help.


It is estimated that the carbon footprint of an email varies from 0.3g of CO2e for an unwanted email to 4g of CO2e for a regular email, and up to 50g of CO2e for one with a photo or a heavy attachment.

Allies who help us amplify this movement

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Upload your evidence to your Instagram story and tag @grupopromesamx with #DCB2024 or #diacerobasura to participate and win incredible prizes.

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No matter where in the world you are, showcase your actions with #DCB2024 and join Mexico’s largest movement to change the world.

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Zero Waste Day.

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